17x9.5 & 17x12 Fuchs came from this M491.

1984 Porsche 930 (RSR)

Wheels were found on Pelican Parts BBS & they were originally built by Mirage International from 16x6 Fuch centers. They were being run on an M491 car pictured above. I Obtained them from a very nice PCA instructor on the west coast named Mike Gagen. Size 17x9.5 with 275/40 & 17x12.0  with 335/35.

The engine specifics are as follows:

3.8RSR Pistons and Cylinders

Rebuilt long block from 96 993

Cylinder heads ported by Jerry Woods

Jerry Woods Valve springs & retainers

RSR Mechanical Solid rocker arms

Jerry Woods Cams

PMO manifolds

46mm Weber Carbs

Jerry Woods Ignition

993 Dual distributor

993 RS Heat Exchangers

Custom Center outlet Exhaust

3.8 liters of air cooled fun

This project is getting an engine transplant. It has essentially the same 3.3 turbo engine as the '79, so time for something new. The original engine will remain on the shelf. This unit will be getting a 993 based 3.8 RSR coupled to a last year (1986) fine spline 915 with limited slip.  

We picked up this project on Pelican Parts BBS. Pelican btw, is a sponsor of PCA Palooza each year and they are a great asset to the Porsche community. This 930 came from Franz Blam Racing in Georgia. The story goes that, while the 930 was in Franz's shop, the engine was dropped to complete a valve adjustment and somehow the transmission disappeared. The thought by some was that the transmission was borrowed for a race car they were running at the time and the transmission never found it's way back to the shop. It then sat for about 15 years after being purchased by the shop. So here it is. I could tell it was a straight unmolested car. It still had it's Eagle GT tires dated 1984 on the original wheels with  factory wheel locks. There was also a hidden gem in this car, a factory 934 / 935 manual boost knob, aka "the dial of death". This car would become the base for an RSR project I had wanted to build for some time.