‚Äč This 1983 911 SC targa (1983 was the last year for the SC and referred to as the D program)  belonged to a long time friend and PCA member. Like many / most SC's this one ultimately succumbed to  the dreaded head stud problem.  What is this head stud problem you ask? Well, during the 78-83 SC production, the head studs (which screw into the case and hold the cylinder heads to the cylinders) on these models was a made of a material called Dilivar. These studs regardless of mileage tended to oxidize and ultimately snapped. There are stories of Porsche factory mechanics hearing studs "snap" as the cars sat in their shops. It is believed by many that virtually all of the SC models will or have had this problem. Back to this particular 911. At only 39K miles the studs snapped on this one. My friend Rick who owned the car at the time called me after this happened and asked if I was interested in buying the car. I of course said yes and picked it up. Sure enough upon removal of the valve covers two head studs with nuts and washers fell out. I rebuilt the top end, installed some 16x9 Fuchs on the rear and moved the 16x7s to the front. A new Fabspeed muffler, some H4s with West Engineering relay kit and 80 watt bulbs, sport seats, factory short shift and a fire extinguisher top off the list of modifications that helped make this my daily driver. The SC makes a great driver and the targa top just adds another dimension.

1983 Porsche 911 targa