This BMW  found me, I didn't find it. Through a contact, Jerry, at the local BMW Motorcycle dealership, ( BMW  of Bentonville ) I came to find out about this particular motorcycle. It was actually won by a local gentleman, Joe,  who loved it but wanted something older and more traditional to ride. After a brief discussion with Joe about a possible trade for my 72 /5 Toaster ( see 72 BMW Toaster page )  we decided I would just buy the Café R100 AND find Joe a /5 to his liking. That happened and here is the story.

This BMW R100 RT was built by Plam Werks and Wunderlich as a raffle giveaway by BMW MOA. Its a great build with all sorts of cool bits. Motogadget Speedometer and M Unit, New Rings, Black Chrome Hoske Exhaust, New bearings and seals for the engine and transmission, Oil cooler, Café starter cover, Clip ons and Tarozzi rear sets, Ohlins shocks, early Subframe, 40mm Delortos, Monza cap, etc. etc.  Joe had a couple of issues with it, probably to be expected from the initial shakedown. First due to the factory air box being eliminated it had no support for the 40mm Dellorto carburetors and there was a heavy chrome K&N filter hanging on the end. The Dellorto is 46mm OD to the head and the "head connector" to the carb is 52mm OD. I bought some new Ducati carb flanges from Bevel Heaven with 46mm on both ends and these are formed with a sealing flange to perfectly fit the Dellorto and the BMW flanges. The BMW end is just 6mm larger. Its exactly the same as the Dellorto otherwise so I knew if I could get the rubber sleeve over the BMW end it would work!and boiled the rubber and stretched it around the BMW connector. With a bit of Aviation sealant on the connector I think this issue is solved. I also replaced the chrome K&N filters with light weight 100mm UNI's. Runs like a champ. The guys at Plam and Wunderlich did a great job and I plan to reach out to them and thank them for their efforts and for raising $50K with this raffle. Well done! Here is a link to the Wunderlich page picture gallery.

This was an air cooled kind of day!

Some of the above pictures are directly from the Wunderlich Instagram account. So a big thank you to Edward Plam for the pictures!

Enjoying a ride on the Café R100

A beautiful day for a ride on the Cafe