1979 Porsche 930 (911 turbo)

I once read that "owning a Porsche 930 is a lot like owning a tiger.... you're pretty sure it's not going to kill you"! These cars are certainly a handful to drive at speed. They have a surplus of power, and if the turbo spools up at the wrong time, for an "unknowing" driver it can mean serious trouble. Warp speed comes so quickly that there is almost no time for driver adjustment once the scenery starts to blur. This was a contributing factor as to why these cars left the US soil in '79 and did not return until '86. The state of California (and their witty lawyers) decided that Porsche had made a car that was too powerful and too difficult for mere mortals to handle, so Porsche withdrew this model from the US after a lawsuit involving deaths/injuries to a number of doctors and lawyers in that state and due to increasing emission standards that were too difficult for these early turbos to pass. Too bad for everyone else of the time as these particular handmade models were just great cars. 3.3 liters of intercooled power! 300hp, 300 ft. lbs. of torque, full-floating rotors, and brakes from the famous 917 race car.

                             Since obtaining this 930, it has undergone many modifications.

Engine:                                                          Body:                                                      Suspension:            

Ruf 3.4 P/C                       Ruf front PU-R-RIM spoiler                    Ruf valved Bilstein struts

SC Cams                            Factory turbo side graphics               Ruf by Speedline wheels

Modified fuel head for more flow      Ruf gauges with 935 tell tale boost            AJR front front brace

K27 Hi-Flow S                      Shaved front & rear bumpers             Lowered & balanced

B&B headers & exhaust                Euro crush tubes

Nology                                  Antennae delete plug                                        

Tial F46 Wastegate                  Drilled rear valance & bumper                                   

934 / 935 Manual boost control knob Euro lenses

Kokeln LN Intercooler              Ruf floor mats

MSD6Al w/ BTM                   H4s

MTX-L AFR                       Factory radio w/ cassette

1.0 bar spring                    Carbon fiber hood                                   

Ruf front oil cooler                Ruf steering wheel

Andial Intercooler gauge              Wevo shifter & coupler

Heads milled 1mm                    Ruf sport pedals

Flywheel Conversion Ring                   Aero mirrors                                                                       


We purchased this car from Daniel Schmidt & Co., a St. Louis area dealer known to the early-Porsche community as grossly misrepresenting cars. I would not recommend them unless you know 100% what you are looking at or for. This is a '79 US car, which is what I wanted. It too was misrepresented, but I went to the dealer and did my own PPI before buying. I traded in a '71T that I had converted to a Flaubach (flatnose) while in college. I know, I know but hey, I didn't know any better then! Above is how the car looked when picked up in St. Louis. Pretty much stock except for the Ruf wheels, Carbon Fiber door panels, and a trunk full of amps and speakers. Note: All stereo junk was removed asap!

A few more of the 930...

My father and I built this car while I was in college. It started life as a '71 911T targa. We cut off the targa bar and welded on the turbo fenders. We found some flaubach fenders and bought a used cabriolet top and boxed rockers, BBS RS gold 15 inch wheels, and turbo tail. The engine was 2.7RS spec minus the mechanical injection.  It ran good but was too '80s!

Dad still works on cars with me today.

Below, Brooklynn gets a lesson on turbocharging!

 Good times! 

The trade-in for the 930.