I have been looking for a factory Mexico Blue 911 (paint code 336) for a decade. I found this car through a Porsche scout and the more info I got on the car the more I wanted it! This particular car has spent most of it's life on the race track. The prior owner stated, "this is the most photographed car at the track."  This story goes as follows...

1974 911 with Carrera 3.0 engine


The Mexico Blue 911 was happily racing from season to season when one of the 911s on the track crashed into a wall and was totaled. That 911 quickly became a donor for this car. The prior owner had stated that the crashed 911 was easily lapping him each race so if he could stuff the drive train from that car into his.......

So the blue 911 got a few upgrades. A 3.0 liter engine with 46mm Weber carburetors, limited slip differential and larger Fuchs - 16x9 in the rear and 16x8 (951 or 944 turbo) up front. The 911 also got a set of RS flares added to the back and a ducktail straight off the wrecked 911. Keep in mind this was all happening back in the mid-80s. The 911 would spend the next 30 years racing various circuits around the eastern part of the US.

I had noticed from pictures the owner had sent me while we were making our deal that the engine in the car had a 5 blade fan. Now, there are only two variations of 911 engines that came with these fans. The early 2.7's and the Euro only 76 and 77 Carreras that were not imported into the US. Once the car arrived I checked the numbers and found type 930/02 and serial number 6660508. The first engine type number tells us this is a case from a 76 Carrera or a 76 turbo. The second set of numbers tells us that this engine is from a 1976 Carrera 3.0. These cases are Aluminum and are one of the strongest cases for Porsche racers to build.  A big bonus with this car! Also found a factory Carrera 3.0 badge in the parts box!

My job on this unit is to return the car to close to stock but leave some of the hints that this was a track car for most of it's life.