When I found this '74 CB 750 it was in good nick but the engine was tired and the shifting left a bit to be desired. I drove it once and then got on with the tear-down. Once into the job I found that the camshaft was worn down considerably. I researched regarding parts and upgrades and  one name seemed head and shoulders above the rest. Cycle X has been working on and modifying Honda's since 1969 and they have some pretty impressive builds backed up with track records and racing wins. After visiting with Ken, owner operator of Cycle X I knew I had found the shop to do the engine and transmission work. Now, normally I would do this work myself but  at the time I was neck deep in a Porsche engine build and I had just found a 1977 ( first year) Porsche  924, I know, I know, 924?... I'm still confused too. I had also just found an original '72 Corvette Stingray in need of some attention...but those are different stories and pages on this website. Back to the Hot Rod Honda. After that visit with Ken I strapped the engine on a pallet and sent it off to Cycle X and the experienced team of Ken, Jake and Justin. These guys really know there business and are very nice to work with. Isn't it great when you find a shop that knows their stuff! Lots of shops act the part but lack in real knowledge and experience. These guys are the real deal. So on with the plan.

Cycle X will be rebuilding the engine and transmission. The 750cc bore will get an increase to 915cc and we will use a hot street cam to their own specification along with Titanium retainers, coated pistons, cam gear, etc. The transmission will have under cut gears and also get the anti friction coating. Headers, wheels and carberation are undecided at this point but will be added soon. For now enjoy the progress pictures.


​The day I brought it home from Kansas City, Mo.

​Jake from Cycle X installs the hard welded rocker arms and Titanium retainers along with the rest of the valve train

 Updated 34mm RS Mikuni carburetors up next.

New coated high lift cam.

What a great helper!

​Engine covers in Semi Gloss Powder

 Kawasaki KZ tail section will be part of the build

The above picture was actually the picture from the ad when I found the bike.The other pic are some of the Cycle X goodies.