After the building fire and the "Toaster" was toast

Cafe Racer Style

Next was the rebuilding  "Cafe-Racer"  phase.

This R75/5 was traded in on a Vespa 250 GTS back when we owned the local Vespa shop. The owner had owned the bike for twenty plus years and it was still wearing its original paint and came with it's tool kit, air pump, two sets of panniers and owners manual. I kept the bike for about five years but ended up trading it for a some great Porsche parts from my buddy Eric Vining. I missed the bike and spent years trying to buy it back. It wasn't until Eric had a storage building fire that he finally sold it back to me. The bike was in the corner of the building and the fire melted all the plastics and rubber and peeled off the paint from about half way up the tank to the headlight. Everything below that "fire line" was actually ok. I restored the bike but this time converted it into a Cafe style racer using original BMW parts. I changed the color from black to Green metallic, an original BMW period correct color. About 90% of parts can still be purchased through BMW for these air cooled bikes. 

After trade in on a Vespa GTS 250. Still retains its factory paint at this point.

BMW R75/5  "Toaster"