With the help of my family, primarily my wife, Melody, we were presented the "PORSCHE Family of the Year" Award by  Mr. Hans Peter Porsche.

We were uber excited!

I rebuilt the upper end of the engine. New clutch, new Vredestein tires, and a good cleaning. It was also discovered that the transmission, thought to be a four speed, was in fact a five speed!

 On its way to "The 911 Den"...

Left: My friend and manager of Porsche Classic, Jochen Bader. A very interesting and talented guy!

Above Left: Mr. Hans Peter Porsche himself presented the "Porsche Family of the Year" award to us at the Porsche Concours Social and Banquet.

Below Left: First place in the Tech quiz for  early 911, 912, and 930!

Below: Melody was the first female finisher (3rd overall finisher) in the 5k! Great job Mel!

1967 Porsche 911 Normal

On to the PCA (Porsche Club of America)  Parade in Traverse City, Michigan.                  Picked up some original 15x4.5 one-year-only (67) Fuchs, prior to the trip.

My buddy, Bo Black, and I found this '67 in Oklahoma. It's a very original '67 with a few repainted panels and all original upholstery. I had to get it since it was so much like the '67 911 that my father purchased for me as a project when I was in high school. The engine had been removed to replace a bad clutch. The engine remained out of the car in a garage for many years and moisture caused the engine to seize. I was very happy that my friend, Jeff, was willing to sell it to me. It is one of my favorites today!