1957 & 1958 Porsche 356A

On its way to "The 911 Den"...

The second 356 found had been "stored" on it's top and under this sailboat for years. This storage method did save the nose and rear apron from rust and those were the pieces I needed to fix the first 356A. 

This one, a '58 356A, was already basically a convertible.

We loaded it up too!

On its way to "The 911 Den"...

The first 356A I found had been sitting under a Cedar for almost twenty years AND the nose had been cut off to make a Baja! It was rough, but it was a numbers matching car.  I loaded it up!

This 356 from the movie " King of the Mountain" pushed me over the edge in terms of wanting a 356 hot rod speedster. I wanted one before the movie, but as soon as the movie ended, I fired up the computer and started searching for a 356 shell.